The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2023

Product tips 21 March 2023
The Best Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2023

Many of us have been gaming more than ever, especially since so many have resurfaced their passion whilst being locked in the home during COVID. And, while there's nothing quite like settling down for the longest session with your favourite gaming title, it's not the same if you don't have the perfect, ergonomic gaming chair.

The gaming chair market is super competitive and there are many to consider - but before you do, you have to think about the adjustment options that are on offer, it's shape, the fabric and if it has any neck and lumbar support. These are the fundamentals to how comfortable the chair will be during your (arguably) too long 8 hour gaming session!

More so, it's worth considering the aesthetics, especially if you're looking for the best gaming chair for streaming. Similarly, you may want to grab something that you can use when working from home to give a professional look on those Zoom calls.

We've put a selection of the five best gaming chairs from X Rocker and we're going to reveal our genuine bargains for what you get with your money!


What is the best Gaming Chair for Streaming in 2023?


RGB Gaming Chair

Style: Office Chair | Dimensions: W68 x D54 x H126-123cm | Height Adjustable: Yes | Backrest Tilt: Up to 120° | Armrest Type: 3D Adjustable: | Cushions: Included | LED Lighting: RGB Neo Motion™ Technology | Material: Faux Leather PU, Foam Filled | Max Weight: 100KG

Our top pick for the best gaming chair for streaming right now in 2023 has to be the Bravo RGB Neo Motion™ LED Gaming Chair. With mesh covered RGB technology lighting, the Bravo comes up up to 30 different light settings and colour options - and it's wireless! Simply plug in the chair to recharge and on you go!

The Bravo comes with 120° of backrest tilt, BIFMA certified, full height adjustability and 3D positional armrests. A chair designed by gamers for gamers, every little thing you can think of has already been thought through to ensure you have the most comfortable and stylish streaming session on Twitch, YouTube and more!

The Bravo also includes neck and lumbar support cushions which are removable and the chair itself takes mere minutes to build up from it's packaging. If RGB isn't your bag, the Bravo also comes in a stylish White, Blue and Red with no RGB lighting.

Price: From £199.99 | Check price on X Rocker


What is the best Office Gaming Chair in 2023?


Office gaming Chair

Style: Office Chair | DimensionsW57.5 x D44 x H95.5-107.5cm | Height Adjustable: Yes | Armrest Type: Fixed | CushionsNot Included | Material: Faux Leather PU, Foam Filled | Max Weight: 100KG

Sadly, to game we generally have to work to make sure we can get the very best and latest titles on the market! That's why for some of you, it's important to be able to not only have a chair that is comfortable and stylish for gaming, but also professional for use when having an online meeting.

That's why, our top pick for the best gaming chair for working at home in 2023 is the Saturn Mid-Back Office Chair. Perfect for not taking up too much space, the ergonomic settings come in the form of full height adjustability for wrist to desk support and 360 degree swivel.

The curving backrest offers additional lumbar support and the fixed, curved armrests encapsulate the user to provide advanced support and comfort. Ideal for the 8 hour 9-5 working day and the late night gaming sessions that follow shortly after. The mid-height back is hidden during meetings, ensuring that regardless of the red, pink, green or blue colours you pick are well hidden.

 Price: From £89.99 | Check price on X Rocker


What is the best Audio Gaming Chair in 2023?


Audio Gaming Chair

Style: Audio Pedestal | Dimensions: W66 x D82 x H105cm | Audio: 4.1 audio system (4 speakers & 1 subwoofer) | Connectivity: Wireless & Bluetooth | Transmitter: Yes | Vibration: Yes | LED Lighting: RGB Neo Motion™ Technology | Armrest Type: Fixed, Padded | Material: Faux Leather, Foam Filled | Colour: Black | Max User Weight: 100KG

What's better than being fully immersed during an out of this world cutscene? How about feeling the action of an online multiplayer battlefield? Or how about becoming one with the seated VR space? We present to you the best audio gaming chair in 2023, the Monsoon RGB 4.1 Neo Motion™ LED gaming chair.

Fitted with a complete 4.1 Audio Sound System with a built in subwoofer for added bass, the Monsoon pulls you into an experience like no other. You think that was all? The Monsoon also includes sound reactive vibration, meaning the moment that explosion goes off metres infront of you, the whole chair will vibrate to the action!

Wireless and Bluetooth ready, the Monsoon can be used for any current gen console, as well as your Bluetooth music players, televisions and more! Let's not forget the RGB lighting with 30 different settings and colour options and curved designed for full ergonomic seating.

Price: From £299.99 | Check price on X Rocker


What is the best Children's Gaming Chair to buy in 2023?


Childrens Gaming Chair

Style: Floor Rocker | Dimensions: W42 x D75 x H64cm | Audio: 2.0 Audio System (2 Speakers) | Connectivity: Wired via 3.5mm Jack | Transmitter: Not Included (Sold Separately) | Material: Faux Leather PU, Foam Filled | Colours: Purple, Gold, Green, Blue, Red | Max User Weight: 80KG | Assembly Required: No

Children are gaming now more than ever, with connectivity through the internet as simple as pushing a button. Although we may try, the inner gamer inside all of us knows that if they are going to game for a few hours a day, it's best they do it comfortably. Sitting on the floor can cause serious back problems which lead eventually to a poor posture. Ensuring the best ergonomic seating at an early age is essential!

That's why, the Shadow 2.0 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair is the ideal solution. Easily foldable for storage and compact and small for placing anywhere in a bedroom or living room, the floor rock ensures ample back support with a cool and envious design! With a built in audio system, the Shadow will be all they are talking about! Just unfold, connect and play.

The Shadow comes in a variety of colours, from Red, Purple, Blue, Green and even Black and Gold! 

Price: From £89.99 | Check price on X Rocker


What is the best Console Gaming Chair to buy in 2023?


Recliner Gaming Chair

Style: Rocking Chair with Footstool | Dimensions: W54.5 x D75 x H145cm | Armrest Type: Fixed, Padded | Material: Faux Leather, Foam Filled | Colour: Black/Red | Max User Weight: 100KG

Let us pitch this to you. Ever thought about using a lounge chair specifically modified to create the greatest gaming experience? X Rocker has you covered with the Milano Gaming Rocking Recliner. What makes it even more special? It comes included with it's very own matching footstool! 

The Milano comes with an auto-reclining mechanism which creates a comfortable and executive feel to the rocking chair, which automatically shifts the seat and backrest with its movements. Inspired by eSports racing games, the Milano is upholstered in a soft touch faux leather and micro-suede material for ultimate style and durability.

With so many TV's being wall mounted, it's important to ensure your neck and back have support. That's why this rocking pedestal is something you should seriously consider having in your console gaming space if you plan to game for hours!

Price: From £279.99 | Check price on X Rocker

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